Saturday, April 18, 2009


All I ever wanted was to see how she looks like but that is impossible because she was dead before cameras were even invented. My lovely 3G, by that I don't mean the new iPhone, its what I like calling her. Don’t think I'm rude for not calling her great-great-great grandmother Holly but I think she would have liked 3G. It would have made her sound younger. The g is short for grandmother and I put the 3 for three reasons:
1. She's my great-great-great grandmother.
2. She was married 3 times (and she just happened to have 3 kids from each husband)
3. She was born on March 3 (alf o tis3imya o i76iba)
From the stories I heard from my mother, 3G was very found of art. She used to draw knit, cook and dance insanely well. We still have drawings of her masterpieces and blankets made by her very own hand. I wish I could just taste or even smell the food she made. Seeing her dance and moving her body to the Arabian beat would be the highlight of my miserable life.

Now back to reality, in honors of 3G I will write about an artist that I am very found of. Her name is Ikbal Shukri-Tannir. She was born in Jordon and her sculpting abilities with stone are amazing. You can order some of her pieces. Here is something she wrote on her website:

"When you are working in stone it is as though you are giving way to whatever is held or hidden there to emerge to the full in form.
We are here to discover and be discovered…''

I guess what she's trying to say is whatever will be shall be. The picture above is one of my favorites up until now. It's called mother and child. I just love all types of art that includes a mother and her child. (

Friday, April 17, 2009

A Whole New World

I'm new to this Blog world and I have no idea where to start. This will be a new experience to me and I look forward for it being a good one. Usually blogs write about food, art, gossip, news, cars, real life and sometimes fiction stories. I have made up a story that will reflect the entire blog. That way I can include many topics in my blog. I would have the fictional story along with the latest news. I might include things about my life and things that strike me in Kuwait or abroad. I will probably write in English and if I write in Arabic I will try to translate it to English.
I know that updating the blog is a great issue with blogs nowadays and I know that it is terribly annoying. I myself read blogs whenever I'm free and it really gets on my nerves when they don’t update for an entire month! Of course to make everyone happy I will try my very best to UPDATE. This will make the blog not only interesting to me but hopefully to the world.